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Sector & Regions

Target Sector

The project recognize that, in the context of globalisation and increased international tourism flows, tourism is one of the most relevant competitive industries in the world wide economy, employing about 230 million people in the world and involving about 5 billion people. It is widely known that tourism represents a powerful driving sector for the socio economic progress of the Asian Developing Countries where the week industrial cannot guarantee substantial socio- economic benefits and trade exchange on the international market.

Target Groups

Asian SMEs/IBOs/institutions will acquire EU standards, know how and best practices on sustainable planning and management of the target sector. they will benefit from international cooperation and direct contacts with EU operators/organizations.
EU SMEs and IBOs they will benefit from the improved collaboration with skilled Asian SMEs from the major diversified tourism product, destinations to promote and export on EU market.

Target Countries

The project Asian Tour has an Asia wide dimension, involving Nepal, Mongolia and Vietnam. They are becoming well-known tourist destinations due their endogenous natural and cultural peculiarities that guarantee a comparative advantage in tourism offer and great opportunities.

Country brief profile tourism

Market analysis of the tourism sector

During project implementation a deep analysis of the state of art of the tourism sector of Asia Partner Countries will define more deeply the target regions and will permit to understand the specific needs of tourism sector in that areas. According to project proposal the sector analysis in each Asian Country will be carried out by European experts in collaboration with Asian project partners.

Market research results